Exhibitions in MYER´S HOTEL BERLIN





"Michael Köster has been involved in photography since the mid-1980s. He trained himself autodidactically, initially working analogue. The switch to digital photography took place in 2010. Köster describes the digital artistic possibilities for post-processing his recordings as a special turning point. This allowed the artist to develop his own artistic style. The dramaturgy of light and shadow is an essential element in enhancing the mood of the image. Köster's formal language reveals influences from New Objectivity photography as well as from Film Noir. But associations with painting also arise when looking at some of the picture productions, whose atmosphere is reminiscent of the enigmatic mood of inanimateness and silence in Pittura Metafisica paintings." (source)



13.06.2019 - 11.08.2019 „GEORGISCHER FRÜHLING"

In Cooperation with Galerie Makowski the works of 10 georgian artists are presented: Ia Aptsiauri - Otar Chakvetadze - Dotka - Nino Injia- Nino Khvingia - Vakhtang Megrelishvili - Ketevan Peradze - Beso Rostiashvili - Lana Turmanidze - Tione




09.04 - 12.05.2019 „STADT LAND LIEBE LUFT"

in cooperation with Galerie Makowski we are showing artworks of 23 artists: Katarina Nestorovic - Tanja Trager - Silke Kunst - Elisaveta Blumina - Rita Kashap – Lara - Dieter List - Milena Bogasow - Daniel Döring - Andrea Berthel - Beso Rostiashvili – Dotka - Lana Turmanidze - Joelle Meissner - Uwe Tabatt - Mira K. Ceti - Hanna Romin - Matthias Dräbing - Natalia Hein - Elena Lück - Judith Boy - Kathrin Höhne





05.09.2018 - 24.03.2019 Ausstellung

"M L F"

Artwork of five artists: Rose Eisen – Michael Nguyen– Younousse Tamekloe – Nestor Perez alias Stor Dubiné – Kerstin Wüstenhöfer

different motives and origins, … A pottpourie of impressions, views, focus. Let be inspired ...


19.10.2017 - 25.04.2018 exhibition

"YOU, ME, MYSELF and I y quién!?"

combination of work by three personalities and artists: Maria Balanovskaya - Joelle Meissner - Lo Graf von Blickensdorf figures, faces and stories - a trip tthrough being, communication and encounters. Let us be inspired, enjoy it!..



20.07.2017 - 24.09.2017 exhibition "IV - W. POESIE DER FARBEN"

again a special combination of works by Barbara Butzke, Christiane Grasse, Gabriele Hiller, Juliane vonna Schönhauser and a special trip: Melancholie meets romantic accompanied by abstractions and holographic paintings. Enjoy it!..


06.03.2017 - 02.07.2017 exhibition "metropolORGIE"

Wolfgang Brückner, Tobias Hartmann, Michael Köster, Tanja Wekwerth: impressionited Photographie coupled with it of architecture, walking on "Stadtstränden" and mixed with a caleidoskopical view...


06.02.2017 - 26.02.2017 „AURA & Blick I“ with Collectors Club Berlin

starting our exhibitions this year in cooperation with the Collectors Club Berlin. A interesting presentation with worksaand artits, which are representing Collectors Club Berlin: Juana Anzellini - Benjamin Burkard - Gary Hoopengardner - Sylvia Janowski - Andreas Kramer - Pierre Paul Maillé - Matthias Moseke - Liana Nakashidze - Mathias Pelda - Eva J. Schönfeld - Jaya Suberg - Georg Wachberg - Ciro Chávez



exhibitions 2016



13.09.2016 - 20.11.2016 exhibition "Brücken bauen - Abriendo puentes!"according to the "Duales Jahr Mexiko Deutschland" we are showiing works of Bianca Monroy, Jennifer Jennsel, Rosaana Velasco, Yanira Masich, Victor Mora, Estela Jaime, Alemandra Lopez Villasana, Jorge Enrique Molgora Gil, Silvia Irma Hernadez Bihouet, Claudia Garcia Pena, Guillermo Aquilar-Huerta ,Willi Büsing, Stephan Reichmann, Sebastian Kommerell, Babs Waldow und Uwe Tabatt.



02.06.2016 - 05.09.2016 the colourful exhibition "POP explosion!"with paintings from the artists: Ali Görmez and Stephan Reichmann. ..



15.03.2016 to 01.06.2016 exhibition "el vuelo de bronce"with works of Alberto Lescay and Roca Salazar "Choco".



Exhibitions 2015



Since 28.02.2015 we have the exhibtion Abrolyrikum of the tree philologists Professor Mingau in our room grünen Salon. A permanent exhibition to which we have monthly - every second Sunday at 11:30  - readings.


On 26.10.2015 we opened the last exhibition this year "FRAUEN - Land-/ Leiden-/ Lieb - SCHAFTEN" with works of the artists: Marion Friedrich and Babs Waldow.

Both draw us under the spell of her passion, lead us through architectural abstractions and landscapes and rekindle out love for the painting "FRAUEN - Land-/ Leiden-/ Lieb - SCHAFTEN". The exhibtions will last until 15.01.2016.



On 04.06.2015 we opened the new exhibition "ARBO - Lyrik - Märchen - Abstraktion - Interpretationen" with art works of four artists: Franziska Brix, Miriam Blackman, Stephan Reichmann and Manfred Zemsch.Pictures of the exhibtion

Our junilee exhibition is dedicated to the topic tree: "Mein Freund der Baum" ("My Friend The Tree) as a support, as a material, as a romantiv interpretation and abstraction. A joint walk through fairtale forests, reveries other impressions and associations.

Since 28.02.2015 we have the Abrolyrikum by tree philologist Professor Mingau in our green Salon. A permant exhibition with monthly readings in German ( every second sunday at 11:30)


04.06.2015 we opened the new exhibition "ARBO - Poetry - tales - abstraction - interpretations" of works by four artists: Franziska Brix, Miriam Blackman, Stephan Reichmann and Manfred Zemsch. Our Jubilee exhibition dedicated to the topic tree: "My friend the Tree" as a support, as a material, as a romantic interpretation and abstraction. A walk through fairytale forests, dreamings, other impressions and associations.

from 17.03.2015 to 02.06.2015 we had the exhibition FARBEN ZEIT RÄUME with paintings by Krisha Leikauf and Paul Willems.
Pictures of the exhibition Farben Zeit Räume
In our entrance courtyard You can see the installation "Willkommen in Pankow" of mexican artist Rosaana Velasco.

In the romantic entrance courtyard and our garden we present since the autumn of 2014 the permanent exhibition of bronze sculptures by Marco Flierl. Be curious and look once in! Inquiries and registrations under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



exhibitions 2014



05.12.2014 to 09.03.2015 exhibition with works like paintings, sculptures and installations by Uwe Tabatt: RHYTHM tow´N house BLUES
Bilder der Ausstellung Rhythm Blues 2014

20.11. to 03.12.2014
"WERKSCHAU" As part of the project  "It´s possible" by AYEKOO e.V. wpresentation of installations, paintings, jewelry, photographs of 13 international artist.

Bilder der Ausstellung Werkschau

10.09. to 19.11.2014 "Zeiget Euch im Lichte" paintings of Skip Pahler and bronce masks by Marco Flierl. Opening with the alderman of the district for culture Dr. Torsten Kühne.

Bilder der Ausstellung Zeiget Euch im Lichte

09.06. to 31.08.2014 "Relaciones" paintings of mexican artist Margarita Morales and german artist Frank Roters. Opening with support by the mexican embassy and with the participation of cultural attaché Xavier Gurza-Barroso.
Morales Roters Relaciones

24.04. to 29.05.2014 In Memoriam HOTEL BOGOTA - Spuren der Wand. In recognition of this traditional hotel, its cultural claim we exhibited pictures from the corridors and rooms of the hotel, which closed in December 2013.

Bilder der Ausstellung Spuren der Wand

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